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Does Lonnie Mack still perform and where?

Lonnie's most recent major appearance was in Cleveland on November 15, 2008, as a headliner and the R&R Hall of Fame's 13th annual Music Masters' Concert. This was in honor of (MORE)
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Where did Lonnie Johnson die?

If you mean the Lonnie G. Johnson who was born October 6, 1949 and who invented the Super Soaker water gun, he is still alive.
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Why did Lonnie Johnson invent the Super Soaker?

He created it because he was sick and he needed an easier way 2 drink water other than from a cup This isn't in any site or books I've read- he invented the idea for the Supe (MORE)

Who is Lonnie Senstock?

Lonnie Senstock is a professional film maker, actor, musician and tour director of National dance and music acts. Lonnie is directing the Lew Hunter story, movie. The film has (MORE)

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