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Who built the cape lookout lighthouse?

The Cape lookout lighthouse was built in 1857 at the authorizationof the US Congress at the time. It is located on the Southern OuterBanks of North Carolina and stands 163 fee (MORE)

How was lookout mountain created?

This one is for Eric! Turn around every now and then i get a little bit lonely and your never coming round. Turn around every now and then i get a little bit tired of listen (MORE)
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Why didn't the lookout see the iceberg?

Typically it's easy to see icebergs, which was part of Titanic'sundoing. Normally, rough water sloshed up against the berg, causing a visualcontrast and spray, but there were (MORE)

What is lookout notice?

The term lookout notice is another word for a warrant. A warrant isa writ issued by the judge to have a person arrested for a crime orfailure to appear in court.

What is a Tennessee Lookout?

Lookout Mountain is a mountain ridge near Chattanooga Tennessee. Itprovides a scenic view where you can see land in severalneighboring states.
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Is lookout a noun?

Yes, the word 'lookout' is a noun , a word for someone whokeeps watch; a high place that has a wide view of an area; anobject of concern; a word for a person or a thing.