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Are loonies made of gold?

No, it's made of gold-coloured metal called "aureate nickel". The price of gold has been between $1000 and $1900 an ounce for a long time, so if you think about it for a cou (MORE)

What is loony and tuney in Canada?

Loony= 1 Dollar Coin Tuney= 2 Dollar Coin   ===   A few decades ago, Canada stopped printing and circulating one- and two-dollar bills, and replaced them with coins. T (MORE)
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Is a loonie a solution or mechanical mixture?

it is a mechanical mixture because it is made of 2 particles that do not mix evenly and if u have 2 loonies they will not be identical unlike 2 glasses of orange juice are. HO (MORE)

What year was the Loonie made in?

  Loonies were first released in 1987. The design was supposed to feature the traditional "voyageur" image that had appeared on Canadian dollars for decades, but the die (MORE)