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What is a loonie in Canada?

The Loonie is the common name for the one dollar coin . Its name comes from the image of the Canadian Loon on the obverse. The "twoonie" is often used for the two dollar coin (MORE)

Why is there a loon on the loonie?

When Canada made plans to replace its $1 bills with a coin in the mid-1980s, the RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) wanted to use the so-called "voyageur"* design that had been on olde (MORE)
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What rhymes with loonie?

Puny (meaning small), Sunni (a branch of Islam), Muni (a colloquial term for a municipal bond), and Uni (a Japanese term referring to sea urchin roe).
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What is the density of a loonie?

Density is equal to mass divided by volume. mass of loonie is 7 grams volume of loonie is .78cm^3 7÷.78 = 8.974358974358974 g/cm^3

Who is the animator of loony toons?

"Looney Tunes" has been animated by Harman and Ising Pictures , Leon Schlesinger Productions , Warner Bros. Cartoons and DePatie-Freleng Enterprises .
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How was the loonie made?

Mutated gay man gave the loonie aids and the loonie did a flip and died.
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Is usher loony?

hi im usher best freind im between me and wikianswer usher is loony he screams for a teddy every night when im at his house for a sleepover hes bere dum safe bladzz (MORE)