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When can you use loop and while loop?

  first be sure what u r asking?   if just u mention it as loop what shall i take is tat   for loop,do while?   while first check the condition and then start exe (MORE)

How do you convert while loop to for loop?

Generally speaking a for loop looks like this: for(Initialization;condition;increment) { Do Stuff } whereas a while loop looks like this: while(condition) { Do St (MORE)

The Do-While loop is what type of loop?

The do loop is similar to the while loop, except that the expression is not evaluated until after the do loop's code is executed. Therefore the code in a do loop is guaranteed (MORE)

Can cars do a loop the loop?

I'm guessing that if the car was going fast enough, it could since it's speed and inertia would keep it moving forward. Just think of it as a toy car on a mini stunt track, as (MORE)

Is for loop pretest type of loop?

Yes. The second clause (the condition) is evaluated before each iteration through a loop. It is possible that a for loop will not execute if its precondition is not met. For e (MORE)

What is he do loop?

A "do" loop is a construct in a programming language that lets you repeat instructions over and over, as long as a certain condition is true. The details vary, depending on th (MORE)