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If the bolt you have to loosen wont loosen what do you do next to loosen the bolt?

Sometimes lightly tapping on the bolt with a hammer can cause some of the material that binds the bolt to break loose. Don't get too energetic though, you can cause damage. N (MORE)

How do you loosen your vagina?

there isn't a specific way to do but but to try to relax yourself, this should work, to make it less uncomfortable use a good water based lubricant. foreplay generally tends t (MORE)

Why do breast get loosen?

Fat weighs and breasts mostly contains of fat. If you also have lost weight the skin is stretched so they can be softer/flatter than before.
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How do you loosen your bowels?

are you taking any decongestive medicine ? This problem has some different causes. The best way is to investigate it with the help of your pharmacist or doctor. Simple causes (MORE)
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How do you loosen a bow?

Depends on the bow. A compound bow has dials which you can use to either tighten of loosen it. Recurves and longbows are impossible to loosen;(

How do you loosen a retainer?

You can loosen a wire retainer by stretch out the loop or U this will make it a little wider. You can also loosen it over time by popping it out with your tongue but this can (MORE)

How can soil be loosened?

In a garden, the tines of a garden fork can be used to loosen  compacted soil and to fork in compost and sand. Regular mulching  during the growing season, and then digging (MORE)