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Dream of teeth loosen?

    Food is a symbol of knowledge, and, by extension,   Teeth are a symbol of assimilating the knowledge from experiences.     The common dream of teeth loos (MORE)

What if caliper bolts will not loosen?

Try spraying "liquid wrench" type oil and let it soak in for awhile. Try heating with a propane torch for 30 seconds or so, then loosening. Don't do both as oil may catch fire (MORE)
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What direction do you turn a screw to loosen?

It depends on the "handedness" of the thread of the screw. Most screws have right-handed threads that in order to loosen the screw, the screw is turned in a counterclockwise d (MORE)

Handbrake is stuck on car how do you loosen it?

The most common cause of a stuck handbrake is when the rear brake shoes "rust/stick" onto the drums. This can normally be released using "percussive maintenance" (IE Hitting i (MORE)

If the bolt you have to loosen wont loosen what do you do next to loosen the bolt?

Sometimes lightly tapping on the bolt with a hammer can cause some of the material that binds the bolt to break loose. Don't get too energetic though, you can cause damage. N (MORE)

How do you loosen an oil filter?

  Answer   There is a special tool for this - available at most generalized auto parts stores. It is worth its weight in gold as it not only helps to remove the oil f (MORE)

How do you loosen your jeans?

One way to loosen your jeans is to wear them. Usually jeans will  loosen some within the first twenty minutes of wearing them.  Another way to loosen them is to spray them w (MORE)

How do I loosen a tight faucet attachment?

I have always used a faucet wrench with the 'floppy' end. -Only occasionally find one impossible, in which case i carefully cut it off from the top with a disc grinder. If yo (MORE)