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What does looting do in Minecraft?

if you have an enchantment of say, looting I on a sword, the chances are that when you kill a zombie or other mob, you will get more of there drop. say if you kill a skeleton, (MORE)

What does looting enchantment mean in minecraft?

If you have the looting enchantment on a weapon in Minecraft, this means that every time you kill a mob, you'll receive more of its drop than you would if you killed the mob w (MORE)

Who looted the great pyramid?

If you read the history of the world and particularly Egypt, you  will find that the British have been the biggest looters. Unlike  the local thieves of Egypt, the Britisher (MORE)

How do you share loot?

click the clan channel tab join a clan chat and click the moneybag in the top right of the clan chat tab
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How do you loot castle on Goodgame Empire?

In order to loot a castle in Goodgame Empire you must send an  attack to the castle and you must also win the attack. Once you are  victorious your surviving soldiers will b (MORE)