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What is the chancellor in Germany?

A chancellor is like the position of a Prime Minister HE/She is basically the real leader of the country. The titular head of state is the president but this is a largely cere (MORE)

Why do you think that Lord Chancellor was known as the keeper of the king's conscience?

  Most people would not be allowed to disagree with the king, since that would be a violation of the king's authority (which was thought to be absolute). However, the Lord (MORE)
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Who is the Chancellor of Germany?

The current (2012) Chancellor of Germany is Angela Merkel. The current German chancellor is Angela Merkel.
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What does a chancellor of a university do?

In the US, the Chancellor is in charge of a campus of the University. The Head of the overall University is the President. In the UK, the Chancellor is the owner of the Univ (MORE)

What is a lord?

The lords were members of the nobility between the monarchs, who were at the top and included emperors and kings and sometimes princes, and the knights, who were at the bottom (MORE)
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What is a chancellor of Germany?

Answer   The Chancellor (currently Angela Merkel) is head of the administration. The German President, whose powers are largely ceremonial and very limited, is the offici (MORE)

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