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Who made Lord Mandelson a Lord?

Peter Mandelson was made a Life Peer (Member of the House of Lords) by Gordon Brown in 2008 as part of his cabinet reshuffle. Manselson was appointed as Business Secretary, an (MORE)

Is Jesus Lord or is God Lord?

Both Jesus and God are 'Lord'. The word 'lord' is merely a 'title' which can apply to humans also. The Hebrew word (translated into English as lord) simply means 'owner' or 'm (MORE)

Who was the lord in 'Lord of the Flies'?

The lord is Simon's hallucination of the pig's head talking. but it comes from the greek word "beelzebub" which also means devil. Some people also think that it refers to some (MORE)
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Who owns the yacht lord Jim?

Jim Simons, Renaissance Technology (hedge fund). It's possible he has since sold it, and gotten another mega-yacht.

What is a lord?

The lords were members of the nobility between the monarchs, who were at the top and included emperors and kings and sometimes princes, and the knights, who were at the bottom (MORE)
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Who was Jim jarvis?

Jim Jarvis was a basketball player as well as a coach. Jim Jarvis  played basketball for Oregon State and coached college ball for six  years.

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