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Who is brother of Lorenzo de' Medici?

His handsome brother Giuliano was used as a model  by Botticelli in his painting of Mars  and Venus.
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When did Raphael paint the 'Portrait of Lorenzo de Medici'?

    In 1518. Pope Leo X had arranged the marriage of his nephew, Lorenzo II de Medici with Madeleine de la Tour d'Auvergne , cousin of François I, the Valois King of (MORE)

What is Cosimo de' Medici famous for?

Cosimo de Medici is famous for supporting the poor and for founding the fortune of his family....he was the most powerful business man in Florence, Italy.   He founded a (MORE)

Who was Catherine De Medici?

Catherine de Medici (1519-1589) was married to King Henry II. She acted as a regent for her 15 year old son Francis II when he became King after Henry was killed by accident. (MORE)

What was the impact of Catherine de Medici?

Huge. She basically brought Renaissance from her native Italy to France. Her most famous contribution to the country's table etiquette is the fork. She was extremely fond (MORE)

What is Lorenzo Medici known for?

Lorenzo (the Magnificent) de'Medici was the de facto leader of Florence in the late 15th century. There was an attempt on his life in 1478 orchestrated by the church, and he w (MORE)

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