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What layer of OSI model does data Compression?

PRESENTATION LAYERThe presentation layer formats the data to be presented to the application layer. It can be viewed as the translator for the network. This layer may translat (MORE)

What is lossy and non lossy compression?

Lossy compression occurs when a file is compressed, such as audio,  movie or picture, and data is lost; due to limitations in the  senses of humans these losses are not noti (MORE)

Which layer of OSI model does data compression occur?

Presentation layer perform the data comparison, encryption, decryption and protocol conversion.Ziaul Hassan Karachi
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Why is data compression an important topic today?

  # As computer file size increases and data becomes more complex, more storage space is required for archiving and backing up. Data compression allows us to overcome phys (MORE)
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What is the difference between lossy and lossyless compression?

Lossy compression of media (pictures, video, or music) implies some loss of quality occurs during the compression.  In many cases, this loss of quality may be imperceptible, (MORE)