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Dog lost entire nail what do you do?

When a dog rips off a nail it is a good idea to take them to a vet in order to get an antibiotic to avoid potential infection and possibly a pain killer. After words there are (MORE)

How do a lost dog come home?

If micro chipped, can be traced to your address. You can give descriptions to dog pound/re-homing centre or advertise. Some dogs won't go far, and will recognise way home from (MORE)

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Do dogs stay close to home when they get lost?

    Depends on the dog. I have a 3yo Lab who was trained since 3 months old and he won't go farther than 50'. However, every dog I grew up with from the SPCA ran awa (MORE)

What happens to lost dogs without collars?

Many things could happen. He (or she) could wonder back home... or be hit by a car. They could end up at the pound. If it's a girl, she might have puppies with another dog. So (MORE)
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What should one do to find a lost dog?

If someone wishes to find a lost dog there are a a variety of ways that someone can do so. They can place posters around their area, put in an ad on Gumtree or any other forms (MORE)