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Who invented loudspeakers?

The first speaker ever invented was by Graham Bell, as part of another invention, the telephone. Then, a couple of years later moving-coil speakers were patented by two men. T (MORE)
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How do loudspeakers work?

An electromagnet pulls a piece of iron attached to a diaphragm (the speaker cone). Thus a change in the current flowing in an electrical circuit causes a movement of the air (MORE)

Is loudspeaker a hardware?

  In computer terms if you can touch it - it's hardware. So, yes, a loudspeaker is hardware.
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How does loudspeaker work?

There are more than one type of loud speaker but the most common is a coil of wire suspended in a magnetic field. When alternating currents are passed through the wire, result (MORE)

What vibrates in a loudspeaker?

Loud speaker usually has two electromagnets (or a permanent magnet and an electromagnet). When an audio signal in the form of an electric signal with desired frequency is app (MORE)
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Where are the electromagnets in a loudspeaker?

Electromagnets are not used in commercially available loudspeakers due to unlinear sound reproduction, noise induced by the electromagnet current and cost. A permanent magnet (MORE)