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Who invented loudspeakers?

The first speaker ever invented was by Graham Bell, as part of another invention, the telephone. Then, a couple of years later moving-coil speakers were patented by two men. T ( Full Answer )
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Advantage of loudspeaker?

A loudspeaker is used so a large crowd can hear what is beingspoken. They are often found in schools, sporting events,festivals, and many more.
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How do loudspeakers work?

An electromagnet pulls a piece of iron attached to a diaphragm (the speaker cone). Thus a change in the current flowing in an electrical circuit causes a movement of the air ( Full Answer )
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How do you wire Loudspeakers?

The "Plus" (+) of the speaker cabinet is wired to the Plus side of the amplifier. Most speakers have red (+) and black (-) terminals. The Negative wire (also known as "minus", ( Full Answer )
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When was the loudspeaker invented?

The loudspeaker was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. Thespeaker was part of the telephone, which he invented.
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Is loudspeaker a hardware?

In computer terms if you can touch it - it's hardware. So, yes , a loudspeaker is hardware.
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What are the uses of loudspeaker?

we used speaker in marrige and party..............., many time speaker use as enjoy for your birthday. all people use it because it is the best things of enjoy.....
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How does loudspeaker work?

There are more than one type of loud speaker but the most common is a coil of wire suspended in a magnetic field. When alternating currents are passed through the wire, result ( Full Answer )
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What vibrates in a loudspeaker?

Loud speaker usually has two electromagnets (or a permanent magnet and an electromagnet). When an audio signal in the form of an electric signal with desired frequency is app ( Full Answer )
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What is the antonym for loudspeaker?

Many words have no antonyms. This happens to be one of them. You might be tempted to say "quietspeaker" but, such a device has not been invented...and, really, why should it?