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Was Napoleon bonaparte tall?

After the famous emperor died in 1821, his body was autopsied in France, and his height was noted as 5 foot 2 inches. This measurement was in French feet (pieds de roi) and wa (MORE)

Why were people scared of Napoleon Bonaparte?

Despite all his reforms, Napoleon still restricted the rights of  women, French colonies, slaves, and the church.    But the biggest reason why there is a general sens (MORE)

Who was Napoléon Bonaparte and what did he do?

Napoleon Bonaparte (1729-1821) was a French military leader, and later Emperor of the French, whose armies conquered continental Europe from Madrid to Moscow during the early (MORE)

Why is Napoleon Bonaparte buried in a well?

Napoleon Bonaparte is not buried in a well. He is in fact buried in the Dome Church in the Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris. His body is encased in a number of caskets b (MORE)

Why was Napoleon Bonaparte famous?

Napoleon became a great Emperor of the French at the beginning of the 19th century. In both military & civil power he establishes the modern French nation. However the idealis (MORE)

Why did the French support Napoleon Bonaparte?

Napoleon was a military leader before he became the dictator of France. Because the republic witnessed his surreptitious battle strategies and noticed that he won nearly all o (MORE)

Was Napoleon Bonaparte arm crippled?

No, Napoleon didn't have a crippled arm. Some people believe this  because many of his portraits depict him with his hand held in his  shirt. This was a position that many m (MORE)

What factors defeated Napoleon Bonaparte?

The pluck and tenacity of the British Soldier.The seamanship and gunnery skills of the British Sailor.The failure of the Continental System to weaken the UK.The failure to gai (MORE)