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Who is Louis Braille?

He was a blind person who invented a way for the blind to "read"using the sense of touch. Answer2:Louis Braille was born in 1809 in the village of Coupvrayin France, about 25 (MORE)
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How did Louis Braille die?

By a sickness that gets into your lungs called tuberculosis. You can get it from crowded and damp environments. He died of tuberculosis.
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Where did Louis Braille get the idea for Braille?

Louis was attending a school for the blind and a French soldiercame in and showed him a system called 'night writing'. this wasbraille with 12 dots but it was unused because i (MORE)
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Was Louis Braille blind?

Yes Louis Braille was blinded in one eye at the age of three due a  workshop accident, and became completely blind in both eyes by the  age of five.   Louis Braille, fam (MORE)

How did Louis get the idea to create braille?

Before there was braille, books for the blind consisted of large 3-D letters. The books were very heavy and expensive. Louis got the idea for dots by hearing about the code th (MORE)
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How did Louis Braille get blind?

He was playing in his father's carpentry workshop when he was about  four and hit himself in the face with a tool similar to a chisel,  called an awl, by accident.