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J'adore amour et j'ai vous ton revenge J'adore amour?

I love love and I have you tone revenge I love love. In French, it means, you love life and have someone in your life to keep you here. You do not care for revenge and again (MORE)

What does Je vous amour mean?

Probably a bad machine translation for "I love you". It should be "Je vous aime" (verb), not "Je vous amour" (noun).
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Je amour tu?

"Je amour tu" is an incorrect, word by word translation of "I love you". The correct sentence would be   Je t'aime.
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What is 'Manifold de amour'?

A song released in 1994 on the Latin Playboys' self-titled debut album is what Manifold de Amour is. It also occurs on the soundtrack album released in the following year for (MORE)