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Why is Hawk Nelson named Gawk Nelson?

When Jason ( Lead Singer ) was about 14 years old, he played the video game 2 Xtreme on the Sony PlayStation. It required the player to create a name for the character. He got (MORE)

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Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the first South  African president to be elected in a fully representative  democratic election in 1994. He was also the first non-European  p (MORE)

Why did Nelson Mandela do what he did?

Nelson Mandela dedicated himself to the struggle of the African  people and the liberation of South Africa because he wanted a  democratic and free society where all people (MORE)

What religion was the Nelsons?

  Its been reported---on blogs---that Ozzie married Harriet in the Episcopal faith. I've never read anywhere whether Rick professed any religious affiliation. For that mat (MORE)

What did Nelson Mandela do?

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the first black South African  President and fought to stop racism.    He was imprisoned in 1962, convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to (MORE)