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Where did they place Louis Armstrong grave?

"Satchmo" could have had his pick as to where to be buried. He decided to be buried close to his house in Flushing Cememtery (Queens, N.Y.C.). He lived in Corona Queens, just (MORE)

Who was Louis Kossuth?

The Hungarian statesman and orator Louis, or Lajos, Kossuth (1802-1894) was the foremost leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849 and the symbol of Magyar nationalism. (MORE)

Was Louis Pasteur rich or poor?

Louis Pasteur was born into a poor family in France. However, he later made landmark discoveries (driven by his loss of three of five children to typhoid) like the first vacci (MORE)
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Who are Louis siblings?

Louis has four younger half sisters from his mum: Charlotte - lottie (13) Felicite (12) identical twin sisters- Daisy and Phoebe (8) He also has a younger half sister from (MORE)

What was Louis Armstrong sent to prison for?

He didn't steal bread... He shot a real gun on New Year's Eve. One day his friend brought a cap gun to a New Years Eve party and Louis brought a real one. His friend shot his (MORE)

What did Louis Riel do?

Louis Riel was a Canadian hero, without Louis Riel many rights  would still be denied to metis and aboriginal citizens.    Louis Riel founded the Canadian province of (MORE)

When was he killed France Louis XVI?

Louis XVI of France or "Louis Capet" (after he was stripped from his title of king), was executed on the 21st of January 1793 for he was found guilty of "treason", little less (MORE)