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What kind of ruler was Louis XIV?

Louis XIV was an absolutist ruler of France. He followed the principle of the Divine Right of Kings, which said that kings are given their right to rule by God and most answer (MORE)

How did the actions of Louis XIV affect the economy of France?

The actions of Louis XIV effected the economy of France in a multitude of ways. The most clear way was by his policy of war. He was involved in numerous wars throughout his re (MORE)
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Why did Louis XIV move to Versailles?

  a) to get out of Paris and the risk of domination by the Parisian mob. (one of their first acts of the Revolution was to bring the King bac k)   b) To live in a palac (MORE)

History on Louis XIV of France?

Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, had the longest reign of  any monarch in European history. He ruled for 72 years and 110  days. He consolidated a system of complet (MORE)

What does king Louis xiv value?

His value was to make France a better place for the French people to live, and to help increase medical research in his country.
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What did louis XIV leave behind that was positive france?

Louis XIV left behind some beautiful architecture that was positive in the development of France.
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