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Who were the Mistresses of Louis XI of France?

Catherine De Mailly lived with him in the his later years in his castle in Tours. She bore him a son. She was the daughter of Adrienne De Mailly and Louisa de Burgundy-who was (MORE)

How did Louis XVI escape from France?

  Louis XVI did not escape from France. He did try to escape in January 1791, during the French Revolution, but he and his family (disguised as servants) only arrived as f (MORE)

How many King Louis has France had?

  18 if you count the son of Marie Antoinette and her husband Louis XVI--this boy died during the Revolution. He would be Louis XVII and then his uncle became king after a (MORE)

Louis IX of France facts?

Louis IX is the fourth son of Louis VIII, and came to be king because his elder brothers died before the King. He was only 12 when his father passed away, so the kingdon was p (MORE)

History on Louis XIV of France?

Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, had the longest reign of  any monarch in European history. He ruled for 72 years and 110  days. He consolidated a system of complet (MORE)

When was he killed France Louis XVI?

Louis XVI of France or "Louis Capet" (after he was stripped from his title of king), was executed on the 21st of January 1793 for he was found guilty of "treason", little less (MORE)

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