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What do you do in Lourdes?

in Lourdes you pray and feel close to god. Lourdes is not just a place to pray it is also a place to be healed in the waters, see a statue of our lady where she appeared t (MORE)
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What is Lourdes?

Lourdes is a town in the south-west of France, where millions of Catholic pilgrims, as well as other people, go to each year.An example of the miracles that happen would be on (MORE)
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Where is Lourdes?

In the foothills of the Pyrenees in South West France, about 497 miles from Paris, on the N21. Lourdes is in south-western France, in the Pyrénées mountain range, near P (MORE)

How do you get to Lourdes?

Lourdes is in the south of France. The closest airport is Tarbes. If you are coming a long way to France, you could fly to one of the major airports and then to Tarbes. If you (MORE)

What happens in Lourdes?

Lourdes, France, was the site of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a poor, fourteen year old girl, Bernadette Soubiroux. The first apparition occurred 11 February 18 (MORE)

What do Christians do in Lourdes?

Christians visit the Grotto in Lourdes where Bernadette supposedly saw Virgin Mary.. Christians will pray in churches and chapels here and act as if on pilgrimage.

What are the mircles of Lourdes?

Bernadette believed that she saw the Virgin Mary in a grotto, that is now a water cascade that people come to every year to see if the waters will heal them from their ill nes (MORE)