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Am I in love?

This all depends on how and what your feelings are at the precisemoment. Sometimes things that people say or do towards you does notnecessarily mean that they love you or you (MORE)
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How do you love her?

tO dO,, Be Nice tO Her,, Treat Her like shes the best persOn in the wOrld,, When yOu dO sOmethink wrOng, Say sOrry, lOOk intO her eyes,, kiss her,, make her feel happy,, buy h (MORE)

How you get your love?

  You know you love someone because when you look at him or her you feel shy and very weird.   I Hope this helped!
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What is the answer for i love you?

It really depends on the situation...   If its your boyfriend/girlfriend telling you this for the first  time then maybe its a good thing but then again if he/she tells y (MORE)

Can you get to your love?

yes your destiny takes you to your love u just have to follow it and dnt worry it will give you signs of it
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Does he love me?

If he talks to you a lot then you'll know he loves you, but never doubt yourself and say he dosent love you.
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What is a love?

 Love is simply perfection. The love you find with another person is  stronger than any other feeling in the world. Love is, at times,  unsettling. However, the feelings o (MORE)
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How do you answer why do you love me?

A simple answer would be "because I have no reason not to" or "because I can", although these might not suit everybody's situation (they might not be true, or they might not b (MORE)

When can you love?

In July. In July you can love, when strong bodies emerge from pools, 'how lovely wetness makes the flesh', you'll be reminded, and you can love, then. You can love as the sun (MORE)