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Sims 2 double delux how to use love potion?

Go into your inventory and set the potion on the ground. Push Play, click on the potion, and drink it. You have a certain amount of time to flirt and all. Hope this helps. :)
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How do you make a love potion?

From a book on Druidic practices - a recipe for: LOVE POTION TEA 1 pinch of rosemary 2 teaspoons of black tea 3 pinches thyme 3 pinches nutmeg 3 fresh mint leaves (MORE)
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How to make a love potion?

Classic Love Potion #9 There are a few different love potion spells based on the magickal number 9, but this is one of the more traditional ones. It's an easy spell, even tho (MORE)
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How do you make real love potion?

This is not going to be a good answer but, you don't need a love potion. I'm sure whoever you are, you are beautiful or handsome. Just remember that. I used to think I needed (MORE)
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What is the recipe for a love potion?

love potion is mixed with garlic salt, vegatable oil, loving purfume, and vanilla to make it work put the love potion into the person u wish to fall in love with when they dri (MORE)
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Can you make a love potion?

Ingredients- 22/23 Banananana Nut Muffin1/23 tablespoon cayan pepper23 shots of vodka2 of 23 packets of fun dip23 oz of warm kool aid23 cups of ketchup mixed with horseradish2 (MORE)