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How do you train a lovebird?

What I do is to hand feed the babies and when they want formulathey have to step up (at 5 weeks or so). If your getting lovebirdsfrom pet stores however, here are some pointer (MORE)

How do you breed lovebirds?

You will need a large cage or, aviary, at least 6 birds 3 males 3 females, you will need to supply a abundant supply of greens, and keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenhe (MORE)

Where can you find lovebirds?

Lovebirds are native to Africa . If you wish to buy one they are available in most pet stores, but beware they are probably not hand fed or tame. If you want a Lovebird for a (MORE)

Can lovebirds talk?

they will mumble little thing but not alot so they usually dont talk but they do whistle alot

What to do with lovebird eggs?

If you do not want 4-6 additional lovebirds, here's how. Firstorder dummy eggs online. Lovebird size. This will trick thelovebirds into thinking the eggs will hatch and will a (MORE)

Where are the lovebirds from?

Love Birds originated in Africa and Madagascar the African Love birds usually have the colored feathers while the Madagascan ones are mostly green.

What you do about lovebird eggs?

If you have a male, female and a nesting box I would suggest keeping the eggs in there for a while and see what happens. If the eggs are on the ground there might be a chance (MORE)

What are the prices of lovebirds?

The prices can range, it really depends on if you get the love bird from a breeder or a pet shop. The price of a lovebird can range from 20-120 (Australian dollars) dollars.