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What are lovebirds exercise?

Lovebirds exercise by flying and playing. They should have as large a cage as possible, they are very active birds. Be careful what you buy for bird toys as we have had birds (MORE)

What does a lovebird eat?

Lovebirds LOVE standard bird seed, and feast on sunflower seeds. They also like some raw fruits and vegetables. They can't eat everything ! DON'T feed them avocado, for instan (MORE)

Do lovebirds urinate?

Lovebirds don't urinate, they only poop, they discharge liquids ans solids together. visit for more on Lovebirds

Can a lovebird be with a parrotlet?

i would say no. they could hurt each other.I just got a parrotlet, and my family and i aready had a black caped conure....they like each other but we don't keep them in the sa (MORE)

Where are the lovebirds from?

Love Birds originated in Africa and Madagascar the African Love birds usually have the colored feathers while the Madagascan ones are mostly green.

Is a lovebird a mammal?

No, a lovebird is not a mammal, it is a bird. Unless you are talking about a boyfriend and girlfriends couple like, "Look at those love birds." If that's the case, then yes (MORE)

Decibel on a lovebird?

A lovebird has no decibel. The closer your ear is to a sound source the louder it will be. We measure the sound pressure level (SPL) in decibels at a distance. Laymen are (MORE)

When do lovebirds get noisy?

when you talk to another person or online person like on skype they chrip very loudly and they get nosiy when you make youtube videos