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Is loyalty important?

Loyalty shows that you will never abandon a friend. It shows that  you will stick by their side through thick and thin. It's important  to protect your friends and not compr (MORE)

To whom did the ancient Roman soldiers pledge an oath of loyalty to?

Roman soldiers swore their loyalty to the emperor, once there was  an emperor. During the republic they swore their oath of allegiance  to their commanding legate. This coul (MORE)

What is self loyalty?

Self loyalty is an attitude which helps you stay true to yourself when asked to do something you don´t believe in.   You can stay true to yourself in various ways. You ca (MORE)

What does loyalty mean?

Loyalty means you always do what your told example your dog is very loyal. Actually, loyalty refers to having a sense of attachment to someone and acting according to that. (MORE)
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How do you practice loyalty?

  you just do...remember the time when you got caught with sometihng that belongs to your buddy which was embarrassing for you but would be worse for him and u decided tha (MORE)

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