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What does GmbH mean?

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung It basically means a Company with limited liability or limited company. Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) is a type of leg (MORE)

Where is reliance group holdings united pacific life that used to be located at federal way Washington?

  Answer   UNITED PACIFIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY was owned by General Electric; specifically G.E. Capital Assurance Co. (G.E. Financial) which is now owned by Genwort (MORE)

What group actually holds the trial for the person who has been impeached?

The US senate hold the trial if the president, or other  high-ranking official is impeached by the House of Representatives.  2/3 of the senators are required to convict.
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Who holds the bench press record in 70 yr old age group?

Herb Strange did it November 2009 in Las Vegas. He broke his own  record at age 77 he pressed 225 lbs. google herb strange kansas  city Age is no barrier to powerlifting rec (MORE)

How much is a rohm gmbh model 63 38 spl worth?

About $50-$100. Out of business since 1966, these are politely referred to as low cost firearms of indifferent quality.
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Explain why the value that people hold may vary from one group to another?

Values are beliefs that something is good and worthwhile for example the value placed on human life or on generosity. Although some sociologists see shared values as essential (MORE)