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What does engine lubrication do?

Engine lubrication helps to disperse heat and keep the engines/ transmissions metal/ aluminum parts from rubbing on each other by staying in between the parts. Depending on (MORE)
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What lubricant do you use?

Any sort of hand cream, moisturizer, or lotion is the best, as these usually contain ingredients that are healthy for the skin (aloe etc.) and do not eat through latex condoms (MORE)
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What are lubrications?

I do not think there is a word such a Lubrications, Lubrication is the process, or technique employed to reduce wear of one or both surfaces in close proximity, and moving rel (MORE)

Are lubricants flammable?

Some are and some are not. Hydrocarbon based lubricants and greases will burn very easily. Silicone and PEG based versions do not burn easily at all.
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What lubricates pistons?

The areas that need to be lubricated are the moving parts: the connecting rod to wrist pin surface and the rings where they rub against the cylinder wall. Both get oil from th (MORE)

How do you lubricate the shifter on a Suzuki c50?

It's a satisfyingly easy, five-minute job. Use a 14mm wrench to remove the locknut on the backside of the shift lever; you'll see it at the mid-point, where the lever pivots. (MORE)
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What is the classification of lubricants?

Classification of lubricantsWide variety of lubricants may be arranged according to the following classification methods:General classification of lubricantsClassification of (MORE)

Which is more effective in terms of lubrication mineral based lubricants or synthetic lubricants?

It depends. But for me, synthetic lubricants are more beneficial  because they have greater tolerance for extreme temperatures and  are oxidation resistant. They are more po (MORE)