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Where can one buy personal lubricants?

One can purchase personal lubricants at nearly every convenience or drug store around. Whether it be CVS, or Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, or even 7/11 it is a sure bet th (MORE)
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Can personal lubricants cause irritations?

  Answer   They could if you are sensitive the ingredients in the lubricant.   Answer   Yes, especially if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. Yo (MORE)

How splash lubrication system work?

In a lathe gearbox it is hard for different lubricating types to lubricate the gearbox so splash lubrication is the easiest way to lubricate it. Splash lubrication is a method (MORE)

What does engine lubrication do?

Engine lubrication helps to disperse heat and keep the engines/ transmissions metal/ aluminum parts from rubbing on each other by staying in between the parts. Depending on (MORE)
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What lubricant do you use?

Any sort of hand cream, moisturizer, or lotion is the best, as these usually contain ingredients that are healthy for the skin (aloe etc.) and do not eat through latex condoms (MORE)

What are the sources of lubrication oils?

There are lots of lubrication oils. We'll look at the types and then you can look up where they come from. Petroleum leads the pack. Animal oils, vegetable oils and the synthe (MORE)
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Does corruption serve as an economic lubricant?

      The new study introduces a new perspective on the role of corruption in economic growth and provides quantitative estimates of the impact of corruption on (MORE)

How do you lubricate the shifter on a Suzuki c50?

It's a satisfyingly easy, five-minute job. Use a 14mm wrench to remove the locknut on the backside of the shift lever; you'll see it at the mid-point, where the lever pivots. (MORE)