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To determine the acid value of lubricating oil?

Titrate 1 ml of oil mixed with 10 ml of ethanol with 0.01N KOH solution to get the neutralization volume of KOH and stiotiometrically calculate the equivalent acid value. Viv (MORE)

Is lubricating oil a volatile liquid?

No lubricating oils are not. The reason is that they have to be able to withstand heat from friction of moving engine parts etc. They have very high boiling points and thus ve (MORE)

What are the sources of lubrication oils?

There are lots of lubrication oils. We'll look at the types and then you can look up where they come from. Petroleum leads the pack. Animal oils, vegetable oils and the synthe (MORE)

How do you calculate lubricating oil consumption for a diesel engine?

The consumption of lubricating oil for a diesel engine depends on the operating conditions and the design of the engine. There are some averages depending on the year of the e (MORE)

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