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Who is Mikey Bo?

ANSWER: Mikey Bo was a former Disc Jockey on the International Mix Show Markets in 2005-2008. During his reign he was awarded by iDJ as 'REMIXER OF THE YEAR' in 2008, 'DJ ROOK (MORE)

Who is Bo Diddley?

Answer   Bo Diddley is one of the pioneering blues guitar players. See if you can google for a picture of his guitar. I believe it was made out of a cigar box, and he sti (MORE)
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What is BO 18k?

BO on jewelry is the mark of the manufacturer. 18k means that there  are 18 carats of whatever metal in that piece of jewelry.
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Who is Li Bo?

  Li Bo is one of the greatest Tang poets who ever lived. He was a zestful lover of freedom and spent most of his time moving from place to place.
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Who is Sophia Lucia?

Sophia Lucia is an amazing 10 year old dancer. She has been on season 3 of Dance Moms, Shake it up, America's Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, So You Think You Can Dance: (MORE)