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Do St Lucians need a visa to travel to the UK?

NO St. Lucian citizens do not need a visa to visit England But you do need one to visit other European countries under the Schengen treaty. I learned this the hard way after s (MORE)

How do you become a lucian on the 39 clues?

Really, the Lucians are the most that's what you'd try to pick. However, I know from experience that it can be hard to choose the right answers, so here's a com (MORE)

What does each color of the St. Lucian flag mean?

The blue color stands for the blue sky and blue ocean that surround  the island, and for fidelity. Gold stands for sunshine and  prosperity. The black and white portions sym (MORE)
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What do st lucian people eat?

Natives of the Island of St. Lucia eat foods that vary largely based on the financial abilities of the individual. For the poorer members of the society the diet consists main (MORE)

Is the name lucian mentioned in the Bible?

Not specifically. However, some feel that the name Lucian is a reference to Lucius, mentioned in the Bible twice. There were two such men mentioned in these scriptures: (Acts (MORE)