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What does ''Lucid Dreams'' mean?

a lucid dream is when you become aware that you are dreaming during your dream, and once you practice controlling your dreams and get really good at it, you can do whatever yo (MORE)

What are the risks of lucid dreaming?

From what I know of there isn't any, it is perfectly safe In lucid dreams, the conscious mind interrupts the natural function of the subconscious mind. Natural dreams perfo (MORE)
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How does lucid dreaming feel?

To have an idea how lucid dreaming feels, I suggest the following. Take note of how you feel right now. Look around you, notice the details you can see and hear. Just take a (MORE)

How do you use the word lucid in a sentence?

As the anesthetic wore off, the mugging victim became more lucid  and could answer questions.   He had one lucid thought during the tsunami, and that was to reach  his f (MORE)

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How do you put lucid in a sentence?

It became lucid when the Spanish boy speaking Spanish began to speak English. Lucid means easy to understand
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Is a lucid argument clear and logical?

Yes it is, luc is light, or shining (Latin root words) so something  that is lucid will let light pass through, so it is transparent or  "clear."
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Has anyone experienced lucid dreaming while taking Vyvanse ADHD medication?

You are not alone on this. I've only been on Vyvanse for the three days and I've had two Lucid Dreams in a row that have happened completely on impulse. If you are having too (MORE)