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What is a lucid dream?

From what I know, a lucid dreamer is somebody who may have developed the ability to control their dreams. For instance, a study was done before where a man, before going to be (MORE)

What are the risks of lucid dreaming?

From what I know of there isn't any, it is perfectly safe In lucid dreams, the conscious mind interrupts the natural function of the subconscious mind. Natural dreams perfo (MORE)
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How does lucid dreaming feel?

To have an idea how lucid dreaming feels, I suggest the following. Take note of how you feel right now. Look around you, notice the details you can see and hear. Just take a (MORE)
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How can you have lucid dreams?

ANSWER 1: Create a dream journal, that is the main cornerstone for everylucid dreamer. Do reality checks often, try whats called a WILD(wake initiated lucid dream), in your dr (MORE)

How do you use the word lucid in a sentence?

As the anesthetic wore off, the mugging victim became more lucid  and could answer questions.   He had one lucid thought during the tsunami, and that was to reach  his f (MORE)