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What is luck?

Luck is something you believe in. If you don't think you are lucky - you almost certainly won't be. If you think that you are . . . almost anything is possible. That is why lu ( Full Answer )
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How can you get good luck?

you can have good luck by being nice to other people. you can have a four leaf clover with you or you can make your own good luck charm and prey on it for good keeping and alw ( Full Answer )
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What is bad luck?

Bad luck is a thing that people try to avoid.Bad luck is when your life suddenly is bad. For example you were planning to have a picnic the next day.When you wake up its nice ( Full Answer )
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What the luck?

The term luck is not scientificic, it's a belief. Luck is a magic happening when Opportunity Meets Preparation . For E.G. When a person wins the lottery we says he ( Full Answer )
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What is devils luck?

The devil's luck is the kind of luck that turns back on you like say for instants if you have just won a million dollars your husband or wife leaves you for another man/woman. ( Full Answer )
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What Dragons are for luck?

Chinese dragons have been considered symbols of good luck and posterity for many centuries ahead. It was considered a very good thing to be considered dragon-like, as it was a ( Full Answer )
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How do you have luck?

its not something u just get but a 4 leaf clover is said to Bring luck
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How do you get luck?

i guess luck just finds its way to you or you can do this ritual (i have become rich fallowing these steps) : 1. Light 5 candle and surround them around on the person that wa ( Full Answer )
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Where does luck come from?

superstition, luck is just probability. If you tend to get a favorable outcome then you are considered lucky, if when probability is involved you tend to get an unfavorable ou ( Full Answer )
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What is beginners luck?

Lets just say you've never played a game before involving luck, like cards or dice. a lot of times the person who is just learning the game may get more lucky. there really is ( Full Answer )