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What is the root word for lucrative?

"Lucre" or "Lux" which are derived from the Latin for "light" signifying "gold" or other valuables.
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What would be the most lucrative career in 2015 and what courses should i take today to obtain it?

Check out your state's occupational outlook handbook you can check it out at your local library or you can view it online. Just type in occupational outlook handbook or just t (MORE)

How lucrative is the bail bonding business?

Good. They make 10% if every body shows up for court. Unfortunately some guys try to jump bail land skip out. That's where dog the bounty hunter comes into the picture.
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What is the most lucrative what to make a passive income?

Some of the most lucrative ways to make passive income are through  writing either books or songs. Writing a book is considered passive  or residual income.    Creati (MORE)