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What is the meaning of lucrative ground?

this word means bringing in money, or profitable SYNONYMS:gainful;money maKING As a Hink Pink, it could be rich pitch.
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What does lucrative sector mean?

A part of a job or field that pays a lot of money. . Example: Bankruptcy law is a lucrative sector in the legalprofession.
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A sentence for lucrative?

Despite the rookie pay scale, Cam Newton was able to get a lucrative contract. (Its about football :D )
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What is a three letter word for lucrative?

A three-letter word for 'lucrative' is 'pay', as in, 'Does his work pay well? which could also be expressed as, 'Is his work lucrative?'
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What made cattle-raising lucrative?

Farmers grazed herds on harvested crop land, which made cattle raising a lucrative side-business. Many smaller farms were able to support small-to moderate-sized herds this wa ( Full Answer )
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Is a career as an economist a lucrative one?

Economists can work in a variety of industries, banks, governments (city, state and federal), big business rates of pay can vary widely but in general it is a well paid profes ( Full Answer )
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How lucrative can housekeeping jobs be?

The amount of money made by housekeepers will vary greatly depending on several factors. Some of those factors are the size of the house that one is working in and the area th ( Full Answer )
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Is religion lucrative?

Potentially, very. There are some example of abuse of religion, else unknowing abuse; while some are genuine, yet still a little selfish (if you are genuine in your mission an ( Full Answer )
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Is massage therapy a lucrative profession?

The definition of lucrative is not static, but massage therapists tend to make rather mediocre earnings in the United States. Currently, the median salary is just under $36,00 ( Full Answer )