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What is the definition of luddite?

A Luddite mindset in this sentence probably means an anti technology mindset.. The Luddites, as the industrial revolution took hold saw that machines did the work of men quic (MORE)
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What or who are Luddites in Britain?

They were textile workers in England early in the Industrial Revolution who worked in a pre-industrial manner and broke industrial textile machinery because thought it destroy (MORE)
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What achievements did the Luddites make?

The Luddites didn't really have any achievements. They were people who opposed technological growth during the Industrial Revolution and they did not have much success.

What is the opposite of a luddite?

I was called a luddite because I don't spend my time on Facebook.Ok, I get that one of the definitions of a luddite is a person thatopposes technology. Someone, please tell me (MORE)
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What were the Luddites protesting about?

The main thing that Luddites protest about would be technology. The things that Luddites detest and dislike the most would be technology and they are against technology.

When did the Luddite riots end?

The Luddites were 19th century artisan textile makers who protestedthe new machinery brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Theyfelt that it threatened their livelihoods. Th (MORE)