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Are there available any English translations of Karl Ludwig Schmidt's The Framework of the Jesus Story?

At this time, there does not appear to be an existing English translation. However, Dr. Byron R. McCane of Wofford College is currently (as of 12/26/2007) under contract with (MORE)
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Who is Karl Singletary?

Karl Singletary has received numerous honors in classical worldwide. He has studied classical ballet in Berlin, Paris, London, and Australia. In 1967 he became the first Af (MORE)

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When was Ludwig van Beethoven born?

Ludwig van Beethoven's date of birth is listed as 16 December 1770. Whether or not he was actually born on that day is unknown. Beethoven was baptised on 17 December 1770. I (MORE)
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Who is karl malone?

Karl Malone was a professional basketball player who was born in Summerfield, Louisiana. He spent most of his professional career playing for the Utah Jazz of the National Bas (MORE)

Who was Karl Beethoven?

You may refer to Karl Beethoven who was Ludwig van Beethoven's younger brother, or Karl Beethoven who was Karl's son. Karl's son, Karl (Jr.), attempted suicide by shooting him (MORE)

What is Karl in Japanese?

Hey, cool, my name's Karl too, and I also learn Japanese so when I write it I always put かある or in katakana カール. It depends what you thinks best though- just try (MORE)

Who was Karl Benz?

Karl Friedrich Benz (1844-1929) was a German engineer and inventor. He is best known as the German inventor of the modern automobile (1885). Benz started Benz & Company in 1 (MORE)

Who was Karl silberbauer?

Karl Josef Silberbauer was the SS man who arrested the Franks and the other occupants of the secret annexe.
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