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What movies has Alexander Ludwig been in?

2000 | Air Bud World Pup as Cameo age 7 / 2004 | MXP: Most Xtreme Primate as Child age 11 / 2005 | Scary Godmother: The Revenge Of Jimmy as the voice of Jimmy age 12 / (MORE)
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Does Alexander Ludwig have a tattoo?

No. Although there are pictures circulating around showing his arms cover in them, those are for a movie he is acting in 'Grown Ups 2'
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How was Ludwig van Beethoven's childhood?

Ludwig Van Beethoven had a pretty difficult childhood. His father, Johann, was definite alcoholic, beat him quite often when he did not perform up to his standards.
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What was Ludwig van Beethoven's challenges?

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a famous musician despite of being deaf. His challenges in life were: 1.) His father was an alcoholic. And Beethoven often got beat up by his father. (MORE)

What was the style of Ludwig van Beethoven?

Beethoven bridged the Classical and Romantic Periods of music. The latter period involved less emphasis on strict rules and more on pure emotion. Beethoven's style, particular (MORE)

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Who does Ludwig von koopa have a crush on?

A lot of people on deviantART made up female Koopa's for Ludwig to love. But it should be either Peach, Rosalina, Wendy (yikes!) or some other female character.
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What influenced Ludwig van Beethoven?

  Beethoven was always an angry being, (as portrayed in his NO 5) so much of his music was influenced by emotion. it is said that he fell in love so it could possibly be t (MORE)

What has become of wonderful Pamela Ludwig?

Pamela Ludwig is an American actress who has seen her career  include some memorable films. However, her career has gone quiet.  While she is still alive, she is not activel (MORE)