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What is a 'LUG'?

People used to say in the old days that a horse that was not worth much or not too fast or too pretty that it is a LUG.
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What are lugs on a drum?

Just like tuning keys on guitar,these are tuning tools for drums without certain specs.You tune the drums to give the "voice" you want to hear while playing
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What are lugs?

Lugs are the components attached to the shell of a drum exterior. They are threaded on both ends to allow the tension rods to screw into them. The tension rods are used to ten (MORE)
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What is a lug wrench?

it is the wrench that removes the nuts on your tire rim when you change a flat tire. It is a specific size for each brand of vehicle, so make sure you have the one that you wi (MORE)
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What is a rocker lug?

It is a specialty form for theaded fire hose connections,consisting of several lobes allowing grip by a tool, designed toincrease tightening torque, called a spanner wrench.
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What is a bedpan lug?

Bedpan lugs are integral to closet fixtures found in many care facilities and helps with the positioning of a bedpan during cleaning.

What rhymes with lug?

jug, pug (dog), mug, bug, slug, dug, hug, rug, tug, ugg (boots), and there are probably lots more i haven't even mentioned.
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What is lugs?

Lugs are the pieces of hardware on the drum itself where the tension rods screw into. The tension rods screw into the lugs. And the tension rods pull down the drum hoop, whic (MORE)