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How do you say lug nuts in Spanish?

  Tuercas   you can go to or type that into google :D x
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What is the lug temperature rating of a breaker?

Look at the faceplate. There should be a 75˚C or 60˚C rating bsed on the temperature rating of the terminals. You have to use the lowest rating shown, ie, if you use 90˚C c (MORE)

What is a lug of peaches?

A lug is an agricultural unit, usually slightly less than a bushel. The last lug of peaches I purchased contained 50 individual peaches.
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What is the lug pattern mm measurement for an 8 lug 1996 f-250?

Unless I am mistaken....The wheel bolt pattern is 8X6.5 inches on 1997 and older, and in 1998 they switched to 8X170mm - This is on a non dual rear wheel truck - the E250 and (MORE)
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Missing lug nut?

A missing lug nut can be quite dangerous for anyone who is driving.  This means that the wheel is not as tight as it should be and it  can come off especially when one is dr (MORE)

What is the lug pattern on a1991Chevy caprice?

Technically the lug pattern reads out at 5x4.27 if you look it up online, but its actually 5x5. I have a 1991 Chevy Caprice Classic, and this caused me some problems when I fi (MORE)
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What is a rocker lug?

It is a specialty form for theaded fire hose connections,  consisting of several lobes allowing grip by a tool, designed to  increase tightening torque, called a spanner wre (MORE)

What is used to lube lug nuts?

Since lug nuts are used to hold the wheels on your car or truck you really don't want to lube or grease them at all. If the lug posts and nuts are rusted, however, you can use (MORE)