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What does ctrl o do?

CTRL+O is typically used as an accelerator (or shortcut keystroke) for the Open File command.
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Can o negative give to o positive?

Yes. The universal red cell donor has O- blood, which means they can donate to blood types: A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O-, and O+. However, someone with O- blood can only rece (MORE)
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Does road have a long o or short o?

road has a long o. long o sounds include boat, load, wrote, cold and the word 'short' short o include hot, thought, bought, rot, not, log and the word 'long'
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What is o?

Answer O is a letter when say O by its self it usually means that  they are shocked or surprised about something.
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What is o ' levels?

The"General Certificate of Education 'Ordinary' Level Examination", otherwise known as the "GCE 'O' Level" or the "O Levels" is the examination taken by students of Secondary (MORE)

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Does or have a long o or short o?

It has a long O in US English, although it is a caret O or "aw" sound in British English. The difference, as in the words for and more, is that the R sound comes afterward, al (MORE)

What is the plural of o?

Suggested styles vary. The usual way to indicate the plural of a letter is by using the uppercase and adding a lowercase S, so it becomes Os. If the context is not clear, some (MORE)

O que é o sol?

O sol é uma estrela, a mais próxima da Terra, de 5a grandeza, e que transforma alguns milhões de toneladas de hidrogênio em hélio a cada segundo, e nesse processo de fiss (MORE)