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What is luminous and non luminous flames?

luminous flame is the flame when you have not opened the air hole of your Bunsen burner. it moves around a lot. it looks a bit like the flame you find on candles. only it's a (MORE)
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What are luminous and non luminous objects?

Luminous objects are those which can produce or give out light of their own, while non-luminous objects cannot produce or give out their own light. Some examples of luminou (MORE)
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What are luminous and non luminous materials?

Luminous means "giving off light", or glows in the dark (since luminosity is detected by the eyes, it usually refers to the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum). Many (MORE)
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Is Mercury luminous or non-luminous?

In the ordinary sense of the word, the planet Mercury is not "luminous", that is, it does not radiate visible light like the Sun does and we ordinarily see sunlight reflected (MORE)
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Are stars luminous or non-luminous?

All things, except black holes, are luminous. That includes stars. You might think that some other things are not luminous but that's because you can't see the kinds of light (MORE)
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What is luminous and non luminous flame?

A luminous body is a natural body which gives out light like sun,star,light bulb etc.... From an organic chemistry view, a luminous flame, is a yellow and bright flame, th (MORE)