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The definition of lun?

It means Logical Unit Number. It is an identification scheme for storage disks that typically supports a small number of units.
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Why did Cai Lun invent paper?

In ancient times writings and inscriptions were generally made on tablets of bamboo or on pieces of silk called chih. But silk being costly and bamboo heavy, they were not con ( Full Answer )
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When was Ts'ai Lun born?

when was ts'ai lun born and when did he die just a brief summary people think its ca 50
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When was Tsai Lun born?

Ts'ai Lun ( 50 A.D. - 121 A.D) was a Chinese court official who wasappointed chief eunich of the Eastern Han Dynasty in 85 A.D. He iscredited with the invention of paper in th ( Full Answer )
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When did cai lun die?

Cai Lun was born in 50 and died 121 if you don't believe me see for yourself, look up Cai Lun at!
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What his Ts'ai Lun chidhood was like?

Ts'ai Lun was born in an ordinary farmer family. Because of his cleverness, he was selected to serve the emperor. At the age of 15, he became an attendant but also a eunuch ac ( Full Answer )
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What words have lun in them?

There are several words that have "lun" in it. Some of these words are lungs, flung, clunk, blunder and many more.
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When was lun lun born?

Zou Lunlun . (t 鄒倫倫 | s 邹伦伦 | p Zōu Lúnlún ... Zou was born in a family with four generations-lonG AGO
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How long did Cai Lun live?

\n. he was born in CA 50 & He died on josephs brain and it was 4-4-13
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What has the author Lun Qi written?

Lun Qi has written: 'Qi xia wu yi' -- subject(s): Juvenile fiction, History 'Feng shen pang'