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How do you get lunar wing?

After you gain the national dex (Beat the PKMN league champion Cynthia, see all the pokemon, then go to Prof. Rowan's lab and Prof. Oak will give you it) Go to Canalave city a (MORE)
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Why do we have the lunar eclipse?

The moon is non-luminous and it reflects its light from the sun. When the Earth moves between the Moon and the sun the moon has nowhere to get light to reflect off of because (MORE)
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What are the lunar highlights?

The Lunar Highlands are areas on the moon that can best bedifferentiated by their appearance. They are the light and darkareas. The lighter gray areas are the highlands, and t (MORE)
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What is a lunar settlement?

a lunar settlement is a model of a settlement that shows the things humans will need to survive on the moon if they live there. if they live on the moon, they will need things (MORE)
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When will you have a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, sun, and Earth are aligned so that the Earth is between the moon and sun. The shadow from Earth covers the moon, making it impossible t (MORE)
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What is the etymology of lunar?

The official name of our own moon is Luna. It comes into modern language from Middle English, meaning crescent-shaped . It was adopted there from the Old French word luna (MORE)
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What is lunar ejecta?

lunar matter that shoots out of the lunar explosion that impacted the lunar moon and therefor ejected lunar ejecta
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What do you have to do in a lunar eclipse?

Shoot at the moon or at least make some attempt at destroying it or else it will black out the sun plunging us into eternal darkness and putting a slow chaotic end to all life (MORE)
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Why do they have lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse is just the result of the Earth's shadow on the moon, as a result of a near perfect alignment of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. It is not "forced" or "done" by man; (MORE)
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What a lunar?

Lunar is the scientific word for moon. Used in a sentence, "We found tons of lunar rocks."