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What is counter?

  A counter is a sequencial circuit with a set of flip flop which counts the number of pulses given at the clock input   A counter is a sequencial circuit with a set of (MORE)
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Where was the first sit in at a segregated lunch counter?

James Farmer, along with CORE, had a major part in the first African American sit-in that took place in Chicago, Illinois (1942). This first sit-in was the spark that ignited (MORE)
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What was the purpose of lunch counter sit in?

The purpose of lunch counter sit-ins was to protest segregation. A key principle of non-violent activism in response to oppression is civil disobedience. In the United States (MORE)

What to have for lunch?

Usually people have sandwiches for their lunch. I would have a healthy lunch. And have dessert like a brownie or something. Here is an idea what to have for lunch: A sandwich, (MORE)
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Which is the correct phrase - Have a lunch or have lunch?

Both may be correct in different context. To have lunch means to eat a midday meal: We have lunch at noon every day. To have a lunch means to be in possession of midday fo (MORE)