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What is a lung?

The lungs are two air sacks located in the chest. They are a storage place for air. A lung is an organ in many species that allows the animal to breath  and transfer oxygen i (MORE)
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What do the lungs do?

The lungs provide a surface for gas exchange in mammals. Inside thelungs are the alveoli, in which oxygen dissolves into the blood. Isis basically a gas exchange. . The lung i (MORE)

Where are your lungs?

The lungs are in the upper chest, on either side of the heart,  behind the rib cage. The function of the rib cage is to protect the  lungs as well as the heart.
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What are lungs and what do they do?

The lungs are the site of gas exchange in mammals. Lungs ensure that efficient gas exchange takes place between the air and the person's blood. The lungs are a pair of lobed s (MORE)

What are lungs for?

We use our lungs to breathe, we breathe because our body cant store oxygen so our lungs inhale oxygen which is passed on to our blood to distribute it around our body and to k (MORE)