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What harms your lungs?

Many things can harm the lungs. Like smoking, or any smoke in  general that may be dangerous to your health. Pollution is another  one, even though it may not be as harmful (MORE)

Do grasshoppers have lungs?

A grasshopper needs to breathe air-just as a person does. But grasshoppers don't have lungs. Instead, they have tiny holes, called spiracles, in their thoraxes and abdomens.  (MORE)

When does the blood flow to the the lungs and from the lungs?

  # How does blood flow through your lungs?     Oxygen and carbon dioxide travels to and from tiny air sacs in the lungs, through the walls of the capillaries, in (MORE)

What is a lung?

The lungs are two air sacks located in the chest. They are a storage place for air. A lung is an organ in many species that allows the animal to breath  and transfer oxygen i (MORE)

How can lungs cancer affect the lungs?

When you have lung cancer, there is a mass or a collection of cancer cells in the lungs. The cancer cells will be spreading out to other organs of the body (metastasis). Wha (MORE)

How does lung cancer damage the lung?

All lung cancer damages lungs by clotting them and not allowing you to take in a proper amount of air when you breath.this enables you in that you cant do athletic activity's (MORE)

What do the lungs do?

The lungs provide a surface for gas exchange in mammals. Inside the lungs are the alveoli, in which oxygen dissolves into the blood. Is is basically a gas exchange. The lungs (MORE)