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What was the Lusitania?

ABritish ship carrying hundreds of American passengers and weaponsthat was torpedoed by a German U-Boat. This helped America enterthe war as the population began to view Germa (MORE)

About the lusitania?

On March 28, 1915, a U-boat sank including a British Passenger liner in the Irish sea, killing more than 1000 people, including over 100 American. While the White House consid (MORE)

What are the Lusitania and the Sussex?

The Lusitania was a cruise ship full of Americans that was accidentally sunk by the Germans in WW1, and was the main cause of American involvement in WW1. When Germany helped (MORE)

When was the Lusitania made?

It began on the 16th of June 1904. She was launched on Thursday, 7 June 1906.
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Why was the Lusitania sunk?

The Lusitania was sunk because the Germans thought that it was carring more than just passengers. The Germans thought that Great Britain were smuggling in weapons to help them (MORE)