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What is Lutefisk?

Norwegian in origin, Lutefisk was first mentioned in the Norwegian literature of Olaus Magnus in 1555. It describes how lutefisk was prepared and eaten. Stockfish must soak in (MORE)
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How does lutefisk taste like?

I tried lutefisk 18 years ago. My experience was that it taste like solidified mineral water that popped in your mouth. I didn't find it repulsive, but I won't be rushing to t (MORE)
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When is lutefisk eaten?

Ideally, never. However, lutefisk is a traditional dish of Norwegian Americans and has maintained its popularity despite the fact that it can strip silverware and is toxic eno (MORE)

What actors and actresses appeared in The Lutefisk Wars - 2011?

The cast of The Lutefisk Wars - 2011 includes: Ken Baldwin as FBI Agent Clark Haynes Brooke as Lucky Larsen Regan Burns as Marty Ramstad Catherine Gaffney as Carrie Anderson S (MORE)