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What is evangelical Lutheran?

"This church confesses the Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This church confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the Gospel as the power of God for the salvatio (MORE)

Is Lutheran a cult?

NO. It is a Christian Protestant religion based on the teachings of Martin Luther who broke with the Catholic church.
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Do Lutherans have confession?

Yes. Lutherans use a general rite of confession as the first part of Worship. This is said by all in unison and then the Pastor announces that Christ has forgiven their sins " (MORE)

What is a Lutheran?

Of or pertaining to Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant  Reformation, a German theologian and author. An adherent to  Luther's doctrines.   The Protestant movement w (MORE)

What religion is Lutheran?

In short: Christian- Protestant Lutheranism began right before the Renaissance as a revolt against the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The denomination's namesake did (MORE)

What is Missouri Lutheran?

You are probably referring to a member of the American Lutheran synod which calls itself the LCMS or Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. They are one of the small, socially conser (MORE)

What did the lutherans believe?

  They believed that all people are justified by faith, that all believers are priests, that neither the Pope nor the church are infallible, that the Bible is the only tru (MORE)

What are the Lutheran rules?

Lutheranism is one of the first protestant denominations. They  believe in the bible as the only authority on life, and that  salvation comes from faith in God alone. Other (MORE)

Where was Lutheranism originated?

Lutheranism's historical path can be traced down two main forks in the road: The undivided universal Church, as instituted by Jesus, underwent a split during which Western a (MORE)

What is a symbol for Lutheranism?

The most widely-recognized symbol of Lutheranism is the Luther Rose, designed by Luther as a seal in 1530. Luther's description and interpretation of the seal, as he wrote in (MORE)