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What is the climax of the book kringle by tony abbott?

    The book ends with Kringle using the rune to stop time for everyone except him and the elves. The elves then take the mechanical dragon apart with their skills. Af (MORE)

Was Philip Abbott married to Jane Alexander?

Phillip Abbott and Jane Alexander were married and had a son Nelson Alexander-Abbott who resided at the spastic childrens foundation. They loved him so very much and were very (MORE)
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What is the address for Abbott labs?

The corporate headquarters for Abbott Laboratories in the US is located at 100 Abbott Park Road, Abbott Park, Illinois. Telephone number: (847) 937-6100.
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Where is Lyman on scary scavenger Garfield hunt 1?

Go to the Library and click on the bottom shelf of books on the third bookshelf. You will then have to re-arrange the books in alphabetical order. Once you do this, a secret d (MORE)

Abbott and costello in baseball hall of fame?

No, but an exhibit honoring their "Who's on First" routine can be found at the Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown.
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How did Lyman Hall die?

Lyman Hall was one of three Georgians who signed the Declaration of  Independence. He died of natural causes on October 19, 1790 in  Burke County, Georgia, at the age of 66. (MORE)

Why is lyman the protagonist in the red convertible?

Lyman is not the protagonist, Henry is. He served in the Vietnam war but came back as a completely different person.
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Who is Tank Abbott?

  David "Tank" Abbott is a Pitfighter from Huntington Beach CA. He began his pro fighting carreer in UFC 6.
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