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What would an 1892 Winchester 218 bee with a serial number of 285221 be worth equipped with a j unertl scope and lyman flip up front sight?

I believe they only made about 5,700 in 218 bee. Winchester made about 1 million of 1892 levers in the other caliber's, There are still alot of them around, as for a 218 bee, (MORE)

Where is Lyman on scary scavenger Garfield hunt 1?

Go to the Library and click on the bottom shelf of books on the third bookshelf. You will then have to re-arrange the books in alphabetical order. Once you do this, a secret d (MORE)

What is gage RR?

Actually the correct spelling IS Gage. And, perhaps there is a term "gauge RR" which refers to the size of railroad tracks. But the Six Sigma methodology for process improveme (MORE)

How did Lyman Hall die?

Lyman Hall was one of three Georgians who signed the Declaration of  Independence. He died of natural causes on October 19, 1790 in  Burke County, Georgia, at the age of 66. (MORE)

What does the name Gage mean?

Gage is a masculine name of Middle English origin, meaning 'Measure'. It originally denoted one who was an assayer. It's pronunciation is the same as that of the word 'Gau (MORE)

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Why is lyman the protagonist in the red convertible?

Lyman is not the protagonist, Henry is. He served in the Vietnam war but came back as a completely different person.
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How does the oil pressure gage work?

    Answer 1     There are two types of oil pressure guages. The one that has been around the longest, yet is still in use is a mechanical guage. The later d (MORE)

Is there any explanation as to why Lyman disappeared from Garfield comics?

Because Jon Arbuckle could not communicate directly with Odie or  Garfield, Jim Davis introduced Lyman as an excuse to have dialogue  in his comic strips. However, Davis soo (MORE)