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How is lymphedema treated?

The standard protocol treatment for lymphedema is called either Complex decongestive therapy or manual decongestive therapy. It is a very very gentle medical massage that move (MORE)

Why does fluid leak though your skin if you have lymphedema?

In Lymphoedema, the lymph channels become blocked, possibly due to a tumour, or because surgery, burns or radiotherapy has caused damage. This means the lymph fluid cannot pas (MORE)
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What type of doctor can best deal with lymphedema?

Since this disease is not specific or sub specific, a primary care doctor or a lymphedema therapist. Both will be able to help with treatment needs and provide additional sup (MORE)

How do you treat severe lymphedema in both lower legs and feet?

The first important thing to do is to find out why you have severe lymphedema in both lower legs and feet. If it was only on one side, then there would be a less likely chance (MORE)

How long does lymphedema usually last?

Lymphedema is a complication of Breastcancer surgery, once you have it , it is permanent, however the severity differs. When it is first noticed ,one should go to the doctor (MORE)
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Where can someone purchase a lymphedema sleeve?

A person can expect to purchase an item by the name of lymphedema sleeve by visiting their primary care physician and seeing which one he or she recommends to purchase.
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