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What is lynching?

hanging!!! how do u not know that!!! ^ No.. That's Not True.. Lynching Was Not Always Hanging. It Was A Punishment To Black People.. It Was Done By A Mob.. How Do You Not Know (MORE)

Why did William Lynch lynch people?

William Lynch performed lynchings as a method of extralegal  suppression against uprisings. During 1780, he claimed to have used  lynching to prevent a Loyalist uprising dur (MORE)
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What is lynching and why did it occur?

Lynching is a form of punishment with no legal permission. Most times lynching occurred against African Americans by hanging them. This was very popular during the Gilded Age (MORE)
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Why were blacks lynched?

I think your referring to lynching where people were hung by there necks with a rope 1890s and after the vast majority of those lynched were Black and going through the civi (MORE)
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What can you tell me about lynching?

Lynchings is a extrajudicial executions (Killing people by governments authorities without legal process) carried out by a mob, mainly hanging them but also shooting & burning (MORE)
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What is jane lynch to Ross Lynch?

They are not related, even though they have the same last names. and hair is similar D: i thought they were. theres still a possibility of like some kind of relation but (MORE)