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Who is Ross Lynch?

Ross Shor Lynch (born December 29, 1995) is an American  actor-singer starring in the television series Austin & Ally as  Austin Moon. Ross is also in R5, essentially his fa (MORE)
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Is Ross Lynch related to Dustin lynch?

No, Dustin and Ross Lynch are NOT related. Ross is also not related to Jane Lynch. There is no relation between these three Lynch's what so ever!!
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Why work for merrill lynch?

Merrill Lynch is a large corporation that has been around a long  time. They have a good track record and there is much room for  advancement. There are a variety of positio (MORE)

Who created lynching?

The term lynching is often associated with hanging. However, the  word "lynching" comes from an old term, "lynch law", which was  named after Captain William Lynch. Lynch wa (MORE)